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Discover how Polkadot enables you to get your Web3 ideas to market fast with economics that work for you.
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Why Polkadot?
Secure cross-chain DeFi, data & integrations

Polkadot's cross-consensus messaging format (XCM) enables secure communication between blockchains, including the dapps built on top of them. You can not only transfer tokens and NFTs, but program advanced functionality and tap into Web3 integrations across multiple use-case optimized chains.

Multichain deployment

Choose from multiple smart contract platforms for your dapp and leverage custom functionality across multiple chains, including Ethereum. Deploy existing Solidity code or write advanced Wasm-based contracts in ink!, Polkadot's native Rust-based eDSL. Get low fees that you can predict ahead of time with Polkadot's flexible gas model.

Industry-leading light clients

Polkadot provides an advanced browser-based light client with an accompanying browser extension. This enables developers to build dapps in a more decentralized way, with no need to rely on third-party RPC nodes for interacting with the blockchain.

Unlock the power of your own layer-1 chain
Unmatched scalability, optimization & security

Upgrade your project to its own custom layer-1 blockchain for industry-grade optimization and scalability, and get bank-like security for your chain from day 1 thanks to Polkadot's shared security model. Customizing your own chain gives you better performance and user experience, and you can even customize your fee model and predict your production costs.

Advanced blockchain SDK

With Substrate (#PolkadotSDK), Polkdot's blockchain development framework, get unmatched time-to-market with a custom chain by leveraging pre-built modules for common functionality, so you can focus on developing your own custom business logic. Stay ahead of the curve with advanced capabilities like open governance, light clients and secure interoperability.

Seamless fork-free upgrades

Upgrading a blockchain shouldn't be any more difficult than upgrading conventional software. With Polkadot, your chain gets seamless, forkless upgrades out of the box, so you can continually improve your technology and keep up with the pace of innovation. With Polkadot’s customizable on-chain governance, your upgrades get enacted automatically on-chain.

December 7 , 2023
Dec 07
Day 1
09:00 AM
Registration Starts
10:00 AM
Mark Cachia
Scytale Ventures
10:15 AM
Web3 Foundation: Decentralized Future
Radhakrishna Dasari
Web3 Foundation
10:35 AM
Decentralized Identity
Ingo Rübe
KILT Protocol
10:55 AM
Blockchain for Enterprise: Loyalty Focus
Alan Vey
Aventus Network
11:15 AM
Fireside Chat
Ingo Rübe, Amitoj Singh (Moderator), Micha Bitterli
11:40 AM
InvArch - One Account. Any Blockchain
Dakota Barnett
InvArch Network
12:00 PM
Building Web3 Like Its 1993
Matjaz Sobocan
Apillon Network
12:20 PM
Polkadot's Decision Making Process With Polkassembly
Parambir Singh
12:35 PM- 1:45 PM
01:45 PM
Phyken Network: Decentralised Finance for Green RWAs
Rajiv Krishnan
02:00 PM
Avail: Architecture and Why We Use Substrate
Prabal Banerjee
02:20 PM
Moonsama: The Future of NFTs and Gaming
02:50 PM
Balancing Profit and Tech for VCs: Evaluating Their Interplay
Mark Cachia, Vineet Budki, Sagar Barvaliya, Amitoj Singh (Moderator)
03:20 PM
Radically Accelerating Adoption on Polkadot
Francisco Agosti
Tanssi Network
03:40 PM
Deep Dive into Manta Atlantic- A Parachain on Polkadot
Kenny Li
Manta Network
04:00 PM
04:30 PM
OpenGov: Unleashing the Behemoth of Decentralization in Governance
Parambir Singh, Radhakrishna Dasari, Dakota Barnett, Matjas Sobocan, Ducky Nguyen (Moderator)
05:00 PM
Scaling Data & AI applications on Decentralized Infrastructures
Andrea Armanni
Ocean Protocol
05:20 PM
Account Unification in Multi-VM Chain
Ashutosh Varma
Astar Network
05:35 PM
Fireside Chat with Raoul Paul w/ Mark Cachia
Mark Cachia (Moderator), Raoul Paul
Polkadot Pulse Venue
Sheraton Grand Bengaluru
Whitefield Hotel & Convention Center
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PolkaMix Venue
Long Boat Brewing Co.
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