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Polkadot Now India is more than a blockchain conference. It is a movement, a community, a dive into Polkadot technology – and a meeting of minds from all over the world. Learn the tech with Polkadot educators. Get the latest developments from working teams. Build connections at the networking sessions. The program caters to all levels of interest and unites developers, industry leaders, enthusiasts and the curious! Be part of the blockchain revolution and join us on April-1-2.
Why Polkadot?
Secure cross-chain DeFi, data & integrations

Polkadot's cross-consensus messaging format (XCM) enables secure communication between blockchains, including the dapps built on top of them. You can not only transfer tokens and NFTs, but program advanced functionality and tap into Web3 integrations across multiple use-case optimized chains.

Multichain deployment

Choose from multiple smart contract platforms for your dapp and leverage custom functionality across multiple chains, including Ethereum. Deploy existing Solidity code or write advanced Wasm-based contracts in ink!, Polkadot's native Rust-based eDSL. Get low fees that you can predict ahead of time with Polkadot's flexible gas model.

Industry-leading light clients

Polkadot provides an advanced browser-based light client with an accompanying browser extension. This enables developers to build dapps in a more decentralized way, with no need to rely on third-party RPC nodes for interacting with the blockchain.

Unlock the power of your own layer-1 chain
Unmatched scalability, optimization & security

Upgrade your project to its own custom layer-1 blockchain for industry-grade optimization and scalability, and get bank-like security for your chain from day 1 thanks to Polkadot's shared security model. Customizing your own chain gives you better performance and user experience, and you can even customize your fee model and predict your production costs.

Advanced blockchain SDK

With Substrate, Polkdot's blockchain development framework, get unmatched time-to-market with a custom chain by leveraging pre-built modules for common functionality, so you can focus on developing your own custom business logic. Stay ahead of the curve with advanced capabilities like open governance, light clients and secure interoperability.

Seamless fork-free upgrades

Upgrading a blockchain shouldn't be any more difficult than upgrading conventional software. With Polkadot, your chain gets seamless, forkless upgrades out of the box, so you can continually improve your technology and keep up with the pace of innovation. With Polkadot’s customizable on-chain governance, your upgrades get enacted automatically on-chain.

Ecosystem Speakers
April 1 - 2 , 2023
Apr 01 - Apr 02
Day 1
Day 2
09:00 AM
Registration Starts
10:00 AM
Welcome Tea
10:30 AM
Namma Agenda India: Why Polkadot is Best Suited to Drive the Blockchain Revolution in India
Mark Cachia
Scytale Ventures
11:00 AM
Blockchains That Evolve With Your Business
Gautam Dhameja
Parity Technologies
11:30 AM
Polkadot and Substrate Education Initiatives
Dr. Radhakrishna Dasari
Web3 Foundation
12:00 PM
Fund Beka? Why is it Easier to Start a Web3 Startup Than Web2?
Mark Cachia, Sai Poorna (Moderator), Akshay Aggarwal, Kameshwaran Elangovan
12:30 PM- 1:30 PM
01:30 PM
Web3 Brain Drain: The Elephant In The Room
Mallikarjun Karra, Priya Karnik, Ashok Ranadive, Dr. Radhakrishna Dasari, Shashi Shekhar, Ripul Mahajan, Ankit Mehta
Have An Idea? Build It With Us: The Best Global Web3 Infra Ecosystem
02:00 PM
OpenGov: Redefining Blockchain Governance for the Decentralized Future
Jaskirat Singh
02:10 PM
Digital Identity for Enterprises and Government
Dudley Needham
02:20 PM
How Astar is Breaking the Boundaries with Cross-Virtual Machine
Hoon Kim
02:30 PM
Decentralized Regulatory Compliant Fundraising
Kasper Mai Jørgensen
Polimec Foundation
02:40 PM
Why Privacy Matters And What Integritee Can Do About it
Alain Brenzikofer
02:50 PM
Build Unstoppable Apps with Apillon
Nino Kutnjak
03:00 PM
03:20 PM
DeGov: A DAO 2.0 stack scalable to millions
Shuchi Tyagi
03:30 PM
Vara Network: A Smart Way to Build Programs On-chain
Andrei Panin
03:40 PM
The Ultimate Guide to Setting up Your Smart Home on Web3 Cloud.
Makar Cherniaev
03:50 PM
Have An Idea? Build It With Us: The Best Global Web3 Infra Ecosystem
Majella Horran (Moderator), Dudley Needham, Alain Brenzikofer, Jaskirat Singh, Hoon Kim, Kasper Mai Jørgensen, Makar Cherniaev, Andrei Panin, Nino Kutnjak
04:20 PM
IEEE: Enterprise Blockchain's Current Status and Adoption Challenges
Dr. Ramesh Ramadoss (Moderator), Manjunatha Kukkuru, Varun Dube, Sankalp Sharma, Sanjeev Malhotra, Nishant Kumar
04:50 PM
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